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We’re not anti-tech; we’re tech-pragmatic, and we help parents like yourself thoughtfully navigate technology use while carefully balancing its profound benefits and negative impacts. Like-minded parents turn to Camplight to connect, share insights, get ideas, and learn from our team of experts so you can make informed decisions for your children and family.

Our Story, 3 Decades
in the Making

Camplight launched in Nov 2023, but our story goes back to the 1990s when Levi Felix and Forest Bronzan met in elementary school. The duo played in bands together and navigated high school (without phones), before heading different ways for college.

Pre Digital Detox

In 2009, while working at a startup, Levi had a wake-up call after being hospitalized as a result of working too much. Shortly after that, he embarked on a 2.5-year worldwide journey determined to find balance. While living off the land in Cambodia, he started the initial thoughts of what would eventually become a company called Digital Detox.

Creating a Movement

With a mission to inspire people to develop better relationships with technology, long before we were addicted to TikTok and Instagram reels, Digital Detox launched its first retreat with ten people in 2012. Forest was there, and blown away by the experience, he started researching and focusing on digital wellness in his own life and at his fast-growth startup.

Dramatic Turn of Events

Digital Detox grew to become the leading global brand for tech-life balance. But with the success came a dramatic turn of events. While in a meeting with his literary agent, Levi experienced migraines and went partially blind. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in February of 2016, and fewer than 12 months later, Levi passed away at the age of 32. Levi’s life was tragically cut short, but in that brief time he managed to touch the lives of thousands.

Company Relaunch

Almost in tandem, Forest’s once-small startup grew to over 100 employees and an acquisition in 2018 at which point he dove even deeper into digital wellness, traveling the world to better understand how technology impacts our lives. 

Eventually, taking over the company and growing Digital Detox to partners in over 80 countries, as a father of two Forest was becoming even more passionate about how tech impacts children, teens, and parenting. 

Camplight is Born

After meeting with thousands of schools and parents around the world, along with building a team of mental health professionals and subject-matter experts, it was clear that many parents feel lost.  This ultimately led to the launching of Camplight, where like-minded parents can connect and learn from a team of experts as they navigate raising kids in a world shaped by technology.

Meet the Team

Our growing team of mental health professionals and subject-matter experts help parents navigate raising kids with tech: the great the good the bad and the ugly. We bring different perspectives, deep research, practical insights, and ultimately a shared goal of raising children who can leverage tech in a healthy and responsible way.

Forest Bronzan

Andrew Hughes, MD

Andrew Hughes, MD

Head of Mental Health Innovation
Dr. Kelly Mothner

Dr. Kelly Mothner

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Allan Cordova

Dr. Allan Cordova

Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Shagun Pawar

Dr. Shagun Pawar

Clinical Psychologist
Jackie Diehl

Jackie Diehl

Special Operations

Lomit Patel

A.I. Advisor

George Usi

Internet Safety Advisor

Austin Wilcox



Influencer Specialist


Slang Translator


Slang Translator

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